Processing of electronic documents for animals displacement


Software for recording, analyzing, storing and processing information of beef cattle


Automated information & analytic system for online monitoring livestock health condition in a given region

1S, E-note

Software support service

Animal ID

Application for animal identification

Animal Face

Application for animal breeding


Web Security applications


Web Security applications


Veterinary Oversight system


System of electronic certification and supervising of animals displacement


Automating reporting, analysis and diagnosis system for livestock production samples


Single data repository for veterinary information systems


Global State Veterinary Information System

Cub API Regagro

Net-centric design, update and data exchange technology

03. Reporting

Processing of electronic documents for animals displacement

01. Registering

Application for identification and electronic registration of animals

02. Epizoology

Application for planning and control of veterinary, sanitary, preventive and anti-epidemic measures

08. Settlements Administration

Provides interaction between the administration of settlements, veterinary service and farmers by automated reports

07. Animal Clinic (Pets)

Application for commercial and state veterinary clinics activities

05. Veterinarian Office

Application for veterinarian activities

09. Slaughterhouse

Electronic registration of operations with slaughtered animals in accordance with regulatory documents

04. Veterinary-sanitary expertise

Application for automated exchange of veterinary and sanitary examination data

05m. Veterinarian’s mobile application

Mobile application for identification and electronic registration of animals

06. Mobile application “Animal search”

Mobile application for identification livestock and domestic animals