Our mission

Livestock recording and identification in the general State database is the way to use of safe products, life without epidemics and health of the population! We ensure food safety by tracing the life of an animal from birth to slaughter, and we control the quality of the products that you eat. Our software reduces the risk of epidemics and the cost of eliminating their consequences, organizes the effective work of veterinarians and creates a continuous chain between farms and state structures of management of the country’s agro-industrial complex.

Why we appeared

Until recently, the work of veterinarians complicated many bureaucratic procedures. A significant portion of working time veterinarian was spent manually filling out registration forms, creating vaccine requisitions and drawing up reports. There was no operational connection with the veterinary Department and the ability to monitor the health of livestock in the controlled areas.

Recording and mainstreaming of farm animals were not unified, they were assigned a variety of registration numbers, which did not allow identifying the animal when it moved to another area. Many unregistered animals were imported from other countries and regions, creating a dangerous epidemic situation.

The lack of synchronization with the State information base of animals did not allow to plan anti-epidemic measures and promptly responding to outbreaks of epidemics. The inability to trace the history of the animal from the farm to the agricultural processing enterprises has contributed to worsening the quality of food products.

In order to remedy the situation that hindered the development of agro-industrial complex and posed a threat to the food security of the country, we decided to develop software that would fully meet the requirements of the veterinary industry, the needs of animal owners and state’s agricultural policy demands.

Within 3 years RegAgro company created an automated system for registering, recording and identifying livestock, improved it and carried out field tests. As a result, today we have a multi-purpose software framework for the veterinary industry, thanks to which more than three million farm animals have been identified throughout Russia.

Our standards

We’re tagging, register and identify livestock in full compliance with international standards of animal health, preventive and curative measures.

Our software is compatible with all modern desktop and mobile computers running Windows, as well as with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. 

«RegAgro» framework possesses scalability, which makes it possible to use software applications for solving problems of specific user groups. In conditions of limited funding, this makes it possible first of all to purchase and implement the product of priority functionality, that is, to gradually develop the digitalization of the veterinary industry.

Scientific & Production capacity

The «RegAgro» programmers works in close cooperation with higher education institutions, agricultural specialists, veterinarians, farmers, and manufacturers of animal labeling and identification equipment.

Our own enterprises in Russia and China allows us to manufacture products for veterinary medicine, which is fully compatible with the «RegAgro» software.

Modern blockchain data encryption technologies protect databases from unauthorized interference, and the simplicity of software applications make it possible to use modest server capacity.

Prospective partners chart

National Animal Mainstreaming and Registration System “RegAgro” unites partners in the development of software products, means of marking and identification, and certification bodies in the field of mainstreaming and registration of agricultural and domestic animals, birds, bees and hydrobionts.

National Animal Mainstreaming and Registration System is a framework for software applications in conjunction with adapted equipment for tagging, identification and electronic registration of animals. Includes software for farm automation 1F.

RegAgro framework


Russian enterprise for the development and production of animal labeling and identification tools adapted for use with the RegAgro framework



Electronic trading platform for ordering and selling goods for veterinary medicine and agriculture

Vetpochta E-Markt


European manufacturer with 25 years of experience in the production of visual animal labeling tools, developer of ear tags FLEXOPLUS®, FLEXOTRONIC®  & FLEXOPLUS®GENO
Chinese Scientific & Production Enterprise Luoyang Laipson Information Technology CO.,Ltd which has 10 years of experience in the development and production of electronic identification of animals and equipment for veterinary and epizootology


An International Non-Governmental Organization which aims are to promote the development and improvement of animal identification, performance recording and evaluation in farm animal production.


An Association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa which stands for the development of partnerships in the economy, including the agro-industrial complex and the veterinary industry.